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My name is Fern, I'm in love and stupidly happy. I make art. Points to Slytherin Links: Me / Dressing up box / Friends

I have some amazing friends.  But it takes one thing..ONE thing to upset me and piss me off and realise I cannot trust them anymore. One of my friends has betrayed me and now I no longer class them as a true friend.
That’s right, you keep things from me, and when you’re ready to tell me that something you’ve kept from me, however small it is, you know it would have been a big thing to me, and when you tell me and apologize for doing it in the first place and a second apology for not telling me about it straight off the bat, then maybe I might consider you a friend again.  But until then, nah. haha. hypocrites.

I cannot wait to see my beautiful man on Thursday :3